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About Us

Our Approach

PODTV.TV is the Distribution channel for International Broadcast Media-IBMTV- network.  Currently the Network has 65 award winning shows which broadcast in 122 countries.

Our Story

International Broadcast Media IBMTV-began as a collaboration with IBM. After a two year contract with IBM, International Broadcast Media was set up to distribute content-first through IBM.TV and now through PODTV.TV. Content is also distributed with YouTube, Facebook Instagram and Twitch. International Broadcast Media runs 65 shows in 122 countries with content from USA, India, South Africa, Nigeria, and other places around the globe. The variety of shows from Chess to Investments to Economics brings people together from all over the world in a format where they can even participate in the show by comments during the live show-and viewing later on demand. 

Meet the Team

The International Broadcast Media Team works night and day from their Headquarters in Raleigh North Carolina and New Delhi India to deliver and produced unique content shows by working closely with nearly 30 content producers around the world. You can visit the shows on this website-or you can see many of these shows on Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo.


Nicholas Paleveda MBA J.D. LL.M (USA)

Cofounder & CEO

Nick Paleveda is an attorney licensed to practice law before the United States Supreme Court and former 3X Florida State Chess Champion and National Master. He is also an Adjunct Professor for the Graduate tax Program at Northeastern University in Boston

Kimberly Calhoun (USA)

Cofounder & President

Kim Calhoun is a successful  serial entrepreneur who raised over $134M dollars and is now consulting startups,  she is a published author and a Key Note speaker on many subjects, she also is Vice Chair of the Strategic  Advisory Board of North Carolina State University Computer Science Department and University of Southern Mississippi.  At night she works with cyber security. 


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